3 Simple Secrets to Safe Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping is an important way to prepare your children for the upcoming school year. As a family owned business, Green Goo has a few tips for keeping the entire family safe while shopping. From basics like wearing your mask and social distancing to smaller tips, like considering whether you're shopping at a busy time or not, we've got a few ideas.

Utilize Online Shopping

Although it may be more fun to shop in person, choosing to shop online or using a curbside pickup option can decrease your family's risk of infection. Check if your favorite local businesses are doing online orders or curbside pickup and give them a bit of back to school business! Some companies even create back to school packs that allow you to order everything at once. Check out School Supply Packs to order backpacks by student, school and even in bulk. Worried about sustainability? Here are a few eco-friendly back to school supply ideas.

Consider the Time

Depending on the time of day, stores may be more or less busy. Try to shop during off-hours or times that other people may be working. Business Insider reports that the best time to grocery shop during the ongoing pandemic is early morning. Please remember to be mindful of your store’s shopping hours reserved for Senior Citizens. If you do shop at a busy time, don't forget the hand sanitizer. Our 1, 2, or 4.5 oz bottles of hand sanitizer are essential when stepping into a store. One of the hardest parts for us is keeping our kids from touching literally everything in the store and then their face. You could chase them around, sanitizing their hands and telling them to put their masks back on, but you might think about finding time to go shopping when the kids can stay at home. The less family members per trip, the better!

Avoid Touching Your Phone

Writing down your child's back to school needs on a piece of paper is a great alternative to using your phone in-store. Put your phone in your pocket or leave it in the car as you shop. If you touch door handles or other surfaces, then use your phone, those germs may end up on your face the next time you make a call. Write out an old-fashioned list to avoid needing your phone in the store. Check out this link for tips on how to properly clean your phone. We also have some tips for how to stay clean after your shopping trip.

This back to school season is unlike any other and we know that it can be stressful. Use one or two of these tips to make shopping easier and safer. For all of your natural body care needs, check out Green Goo's website and blog.

What about you? Have you started back to school shopping yet? Uncertain school districts stressing you out? Tell us your worries, tips, and hopes for the upcoming semester. Let’s share some good with each other to help us all get through this latest challenge.

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