3 Tips for Heading Back to College, Remotely or In Person

If you were a high school or college student last spring, odds are that the last few months of your school year were interrupted by COVID-19. Now, as we head into the next school year, there are a lot of unknowns that you may not have considered before, whether it will be your first semester of college or you're heading into your final year. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you're prepping to get to school, whether physically or remotely.

Double-check your school's academic calendar and protocols

The first date you want to have marked on your personal calendar is the first day of classes. With some schools adjusting their schedules, make sure that you're checking the email address you have from your school to get all of the most up-to-date information. It also doesn't hurt to look ahead to make sure you know when the add/drop period ends and when finals will be. Make sure that you know whether or not you'll need to be on campus for classes, and if you are, if you need a mask. If you'll be remote, make sure you have a solid Wi-Fi connection, a working webcam, and maybe some blue light filtering glasses.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

Getting back into school is already stressful enough. We know coming back with so much uncertainty in the air can feel even more daunting. Make sure to reach out to your support system when you are feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Make sure to practice self-care by doing things that make you happy. Carve out time to spend with loved ones and connect with friends. There are even many online opportunities to hang out with your friends this semester while social distancing.

Skim your syllabi

Many professors will post some course information through your college's learning system (like Blackboard or Canvas) before school starts. It never hurts to at least skim the syllabus before to have an idea about materials you may need so that you can spend a little time researching the best price for those textbooks (Pro-tip: sometimes professors list books, and then end up distributing photocopies in class/online, so make sure that if you order ahead, the return window won't expire before you even start classes).

Establish a routine

If you've been sleeping in all summer, hanging out in pajamas all day, or just neglecting self-care in general due to social distancing guidelines, it's time to start adjusting back to a routine; yes, even if you'll be in classes online. When you're feeling your best, you do your best work. Something as simple as setting an alarm on the weekdays leading up to back to school so you're not late to your first 8 a.m. of the year, or taking stock of your morning routine and figuring out what you need to do to get a great start to the day can make a huge difference.

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