4 Self-Care Tips for March or Rally Participants

Self care is always important, but Green Goo understands its increased importance when you're advocating for what you believe or while outdoors. Outdoor marches (especially during the heat of summer) can be taxing on the body, but we have a few tips that can help. We understand that advocacy requires preparation and intention. In fact, as a member of the B Corp community, Green Goo balances profit and purpose, always aims to reduce inequality, lower levels of poverty, work towards a healthier environment, and strengthen communities.Here’s a couple of basic tips we thought might be useful if you’re heading out to march for the first time.

1. Pack light

Carrying a heavy bag will cause back or shoulder pain depending on how long you plan to be outside and march. Consider using a smaller cross-body bag or limit an over-the-shoulder bag to only carrying a few essential items. Plan ahead, create a checklist, and make sure every item in your pack has a purpose.

2. Hydrate

Particularly on a hot day, hydrating yourself is essential. Bring a reusable water bottle that you can easily refill as you walk. If refilling isn't an option, consider having a cooler in your car for when you are headed home.

Although Green Goo is a relatively small company, we recognized the importance of becoming a B Corp-certified business and wanted to join the nearly 3,000 companies in 60 countries from 150 industries to advocate for our intersectional values. We hope our tips, in some small way, help you feel more prepared when voicing your own beliefs. Interested in learning more about Green Goo's values and founding story?

3. Pace yourself

Although the crowd's energy can be contagious, take your time and don't rush. Taking time to rest or refuel will actually allow you to march or rally longer. Depending on whether there are benches or tables along the way, consider stopping for a snack before rejoining the group.

4. Use sunscreen

If the march or rally is taking place outside, you'll be exposed to harmful UV rays. Rather than worrying about sunburns while you're marching, put on your Solar Goo sunscreen before you arrive. Applying sunscreen is a quick and simple task that prevents skin damage and painful burns. Don't forget to add this essential to your pack! Periodic reapplication is recommended. To further care for your skin after a long day, try our Skin Repair.

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