An Amazing Story of Survival and Recovery

I am a survivor of 9/11 and was known as Jane Doe #1. My injuries were traumatic.

I’ve tried many medications and balms over the years to help with chronic pain and wounds that have been open for years. Some types worked better than others but they were never good enough. And then I found Green Goo.

Green Goo has amazing products that have drastically changed my life for the better.

The first product I tried of Green Goo is Pain Relief. I have been on opioids since 9/11. My pain continued to grow over the years and I was switched around to different opioids and other pharmaceuticals. Nothing ever helped with breakthrough pain.

Pain Relief stopped my breakthrough pain. And because of this I was able to decide to get off methadone (opioid). I used lots of Pain Relief and after over 2 ½ years of withdrawal and recovery I am methadone free. I could never have achieved this without Pain Relief. My pain is manageable now. And yours could be too. It works for all types of pain from bumps and bruises to debilitating pain.

In some areas of my body I have lost all tissue and muscle so I am literary skin over bones. Because of this I must look over my skin every day in case of breakdown. I use First Aid on my open wounds and as a preventative on the areas of skin that are the thinnest and most dry. So using First Aid like this stops the breakdown before it even happens.

Green Goo not only has many great products but it is an American company you can be proud of. They operate and treat people the way you would hope all companies would, with integrity and kindness. They are the type of company that called me back when I left a message on the general phone number asking for help. I asked if they could make me an extra strength Pain Relief to help while I was going through withdrawal and the extreme (temporary) pain that comes with it. And they did make it for me (with refills) and never asked for any money.

- Debbie St. John

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