Fight Back This Flu Season: Grow a Medicinal Herb Garden

Planting a garden can be a wonderful experience that's refreshing for the mind, body, and soul. There's a unique joy that comes from tilling the soil with your own hands, planting the herb, and watching it grow to fruition. While gardening can bring a profound sense of peace, many basic herbs also serve a practical purpose, especially when it comes to fighting simple ailments like the common cold.

That's the beauty of tending your very own herb garden: the herbs themselves are simple to grow, and if you get a case of the sniffles, you have everything you need to fight it right at your fingertips.

What Kinds of Plants and Herbs Should You Grow?

While not every blade of grass, pine needle, and leaf you find in the forest has natural healing properties, the vast majority of them do have some medicinal purpose. There are, however, certain herbs that directly fight common cold and flu symptoms. Here comes the fun part: planning what herbs you want to include in your very own medicinal garden. Use these herbs to brew tea, flavor your favorite dish, can some jam, or make a sauce of your very own, like pesto. Our recommendations include:

  • Yarrow
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Echinacea
  • Calendula
  • Ginseng
  • Aloe
  • Basil
  • Lemon Basil

While there are literally dozens more beneficial herbs, this small list is a great starting point for beginning home gardeners.

Where Should You Plant Your Garden?

Another great part about growing your own medicinal herb garden is how adaptable some of these plants are. You can choose to grow most medicinal herbs indoors or outdoors. If you plan on growing them indoors, the key is making sure that they are regularly watered and have access to plenty of sunlight. Short on space? Check out these small space hacks for your apartment garden.

If you plan on planting your herb garden outside, make sure that their location doesn't offer too much exposure to sunlight. Herbs can be sensitive to heat, so make sure that temperatures aren't consistently above 90 degrees. It helps to make sure your garden's location has afternoon shade.

All-natural, All Your Own

It's truly a privilege to be able to live in harmony with the plants around us. Making simple medicines and salves from your very own medicinal herb garden is good for your spirit and healthy for your body. At Green Goo, celebrating plants and their purpose is central to what we do. We’re a women-owned, family-operated business and there’s three generations of us using the power of plants for our own wellness, as well as Green Goo. We'd love for you to come and see how we put our own herbs to good use.

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