Having Fun Recycling: Craft Projects for Kids: Cardboard Tube Addition

What can you do with empty cardboard toilet paper tubes? Turns out, quite a lot! We've rounded up some cute craft projects that use those empty tubes, bottle caps, and leftover craft supplies. Because you always have a supply of recyclable toilet paper and paper towel tubes handy, don't you?


Turns out toilet paper tubes are the perfect size and shape for everyone's favorite little henchmen. Who knew? A crafter experienced in recycling TP tubes into cute crafts knew! Basic craft supplies, a little construction paper, a few markers, and those requisite TP rolls will give you your own army of adorable minions!


Paint, brads, cardboard circles, and stickers turn a humble toilet paper tube into a snazzy tubular race car. This one can be fun for the whole family. Have a contest for who can design the best one!


Bottle caps, craft paints, and those ubiquitous tubes create an adorable train that's lots of fun to play with — and no tracks needed! You’re ready to roll.


Who needs electronics when they've got the Angry Birds crew on hand? This Angry Birds tutorial uses paper towel tubes cut into sections but you could probably also use toilet paper tubes. Construction paper and colored pencils provide the colorful details.


Colorful circles of tissue paper form the scales of these 'flying' fish while long fringed strips form the tails. Add a stick to fly them around your house or hang them from the ceiling to decorate a room. You can use a variety of different sized cardboard tubes to make a whole school of unique flying carp.

And you thought toilet paper tubes and tissue paper scraps belonged in the recycling bin! Now that you know better, which fun idea will your kids want to try first?

Be sure to stock up on environmentally-friendly, multi-purpose Castile soap to keep those little fingers and work surfaces clean. Paper cut? No worries, all a part of the crafting experience! Our Children’s First Aid is here to help with any scrapes that might happen along the way. If your family does take one of these projects on, we’d love to see what you create! Tag us on social media @GreenGooHelps to show off your carp, car, or Minion crew!

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