Natural Ways to Address the Allergens in Your Home Using Plants with Purpose

Allergens and dust can both cause tremendous discomfort no matter the season. Now that you and your family are home more often, that means even more dust! When you add on top of that, that irritating pollutants can be more concentrated inside than outside, you may be looking at a lot of coughing and sneezing. There are many plants that help to cut down dust and allergens in your home. We picked out a few to start with. We'll add more in later blogs, so be sure to check back in.

Lemon Balm

Most allergy sufferers have experienced the relief a hot cup of tea provides for an achy throat and stuffy nose. Herbal teas are an effective and natural remedy for the effects of allergy season. We recommend keeping a lemon balm plant in your home in case your allergies kick in. Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, is an aromatic herb with a refreshing lemon fragrance. The leaves can easily be mixed with chamomile and mint, to make a delicious herbal tea. Lemon balm is a Green Goo go-to. You can even find it used in our Cold Sore salve. What’s your favorite herbal tea? Let us know in the comments!

Dracaena Plant

If you've never heard of the dracaena plant, you may recognize its nickname: dragon plant. Usually used as a houseplant, the dragon plant is short and doesn't need a lot of water or light. These plants make great roommates by filtering indoor allergens such as household particles, cigarette smoke and formaldehyde We like to put a small plant in our bathrooms to filter our allergens and enjoy during a warm bath with our natural lavender bath salts.

English Ivy

English ivy is an evergreen climbing vine that has been proven to eliminate indoor mold particles. Mold spores are quite common indoors and exposure to them can cause respiratory issues. Placing an English ivy plant in spots around your home known to attract mold like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement is a great way to combat mold and its harmful effects.

If you or your loved ones struggle with allergies, especially with increased amounts of pollen in the air, these plants are great aids in reducing airborne irritants. Green Goo strongly believes that plants can be beneficial to the human body. To learn more about the power of plants, check out the Green Goo’s list of ingredients.

Do you have any natural remedies to combat allergens in your home? Let us know and continue the discussion in the comments.

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