Online Dating in the Age of COVID

Long before COVID-19 came around, the way people date and find love had already undergone a radical shift. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have proven that meeting people in person is no longer a necessity. With an exciting, new dating format already in place, here's what "dating" means in the age of COVID-19.

Dating Apps; the New Social Scene

How do you even meet someone when social gatherings are on hold? Once upon a time, online dating was something of a taboo. Apps like Tinder, Match, and Bumble have exponentially gained in popularity over the last few years, normalizing online dating for an entire generation.

The Virtual Date

Once you've made initial contact through a dating app, where do you actually take your date? Mandatory state shutdowns limit your real-life options. More and more, singles are turning to applications like Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts to go on virtual dates. While these tools are mostly used for business, everyday people have found exciting ways to integrate them into their romantic lives.

Slow Things Down

If anything, love in the time of Corona is a return to a simpler, more innocent form of dating. Social distancing and self-quarantines have forced people to slow down and take their time with the relationship, especially in terms of physicality. Relationships are paced much differently now, unfolding like the romances in a Victorian novel.

An Emphasis on Conversation

Online dating is all about getting to know a person. In the absence of physical togetherness, people have to rely on their personalities to help romance blossom. To that effect, there is a much greater emphasis on conversation being the key component in a burgeoning relationship.

The Power of Human Contact

People are social by nature; we crave contact with other human beings. While it might not be a much-needed hug or kiss, technology has helped us to outpace loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic, or forging deeper relationships in the process.

Don’t let COVID deter you from dating. We all know that you can’t hurry love and not every first date ends with a love connection. While it is an odd time to be looking for companionship, it’s also a great time for spending time together digitally. Good luck out there! We are pulling for you and rooting for love. Just be yourself and love will find a way! Stay informed, pick an app, create a captivating profile and be honest and patient with yourself.

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