The Art of Building Forts with Your Kids

Drag out the sheets and blankets, everyone, because it's fort building time! We've gathered some great tips for making awesome play forts. Making forts together is just another way of making this summer special for your family.

Besides bedding, you may need pillows and cushions, clothespins and clothesline, and maybe even a hula hoop and twinkle lights. It all depends on the type of play fort you're building.


Who hasn't made a fort using a table? Table forts generally use a dining room table because of its generous size. However, almost any size table will do in a pinch. The only requirement is that at least one child fit beneath the table.

If you have a large table, expect to use a lot of sheets and/or blankets to adequately cover it. Portable card tables make handy forts since they don't require as many sheets or blankets as a bigger table. They also have the added advantage of folding away neatly for storage between outings.

Pro tip: time your fort building activity between stripping beds and washing the bedding helps cut down on doing extra laundry. Your kids probably won't even notice that they're using bedding that’s on its way to the washing machine.


Appliance boxes are big (sometimes huge!) and sturdy. They also have the added benefit of being customizable. Let your kids decide where they need doors, windows, skylights, food take-out windows, or other openings. Then you can cut them out with a sharp box cutter.

Decorative duct tape does a great job of hiding the writing on the box. It also adds a bright splash of color and pattern to a cardboard box fort, as do markers and crayons. Your kids will have lots of fun decorating a cardboard fort!

Don't worry about storing such a massive fort between play sessions. Just open all the flaps, flatten the box, and store it behind the couch, under a bed, etc. You may be surprised at how long an appliance box fort can last. You'll definitely be amazed at how many different uses your kids will find for it!


Handling dry cloth and cardboard can quickly dry out your hands. Treat them to soothing, moisturizing, all-natural Hand Goo. Its plant-based formula will keep your hard-working, hard-playing hands ready for the next fort building marathon with your kids! Have you and your family built an amazing blanket-fort lately? Be sure to tag us on Instagram @GreenGooHelps. We love to see your creativity in action!

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