What Wellness Means To Us

We’ve been talking a lot about wellness lately, and what it means to us. Wellness is one of those seemingly simple things that touches every part of your life. It's a balancing act, it's personal, and there is no one path.

One of our favorite parts about wellness is that the word itself denotes active engagement and a journey. It’s not a place you end up one day. It’s a way of living intentionally that can improve your quality of life. Embedded in our mission to Spread Goodness is also a desire to spread wellness.
Wellness isn’t new. Its roots go back to ancient civilizations in India, China, Greece, and Rome. The root of this pursuit is the idea that your life is interconnected, that you have to actively manage the different parts of your life, and that positive or negative input in one area impacts all the other areas.

It seems complicated, but we all get it at a basic level. It’s harder to play softball if you haven’t slept in a day or two or haven’t had any food. Ever had a day so bad that you just went home and went to sleep? That’s wellness too. Like we said: It’s a balancing act. Some days wellness totally means eating all of the cookies.
The key to us is the practice of checking in with yourself and asking, “How am I doing mentally, physically, emotionally? What were the positives this week? What was negative? Of that, what can I control? What am I going to do today to move towards happiness, good health, and purpose?” That intentionality. That reflection. That active practice of self improvement with the goal; not to be perfect, but to be as happy and healthy as you can be. Not only is it a worthy pursuit, but something we wish for each of you.

If you're healthier, your mental well-being will improve. If you protect yourself from environmental hazards and toxins, then your physical fitness can improve. If you’re joyful, it has an effect on your social interactions and work environment. The high tide lifts all boats.
Our CEO, Jodi Scott, said it this way: “Wellness to me isn’t just one exercise, one diet, or one vitamin. For me, it’s all the pieces that make the whole. In grad school I studied psychoneuroimmunology. It was fascinating to learn how connected our body’s systems are, and I believe the same as it relates to our ecosystem. To make the planet healthy, we need to be healthy. Wellness is your mind, your body, your soul working together. I try, every day, to practice mindful moments, to get fresh air, to get my body moving; even if it is working in the garden, or a hike or a major cardio workout. I try to drink plenty of water, take regular meditation moments, remember to eat different food varieties, take supplements, and get good sleep. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a wellness moment is skipping all of that and having a joyful moment with a friend, or maybe, nowadays, a social distance happy hour. But the point is, it’s the little things every day that add up to wellness. Working on all those different facets of existence is necessary to find balance in this world, at least for me.”

So what do you think? Did we nail it? Did we miss something about wellness that’s key to your journey? Does anybody have a favorite way to organize their wellness practice? Is it a calendar or maybe a journal? We’d love to hear more about your personal path. Hit us up here or on social media and let’s continue the conversation.

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