Your Hand Sanitizing Questions Answered

All the talk about hand sanitizer lately may have left you with a few questions about using it. We’re pretty new to hand sanitizer ourselves. If you had told us last year that we would be selling sanitizing gel, we might not have believed you. We saw an opportunity to help our community and ensure that there are safe options available on the market from a family operated business you can trust. We’ve learned a lot as well as receiving questions for you. We thought we’d compile a list of FAQs to share what we’ve learned along the way.

Can I use Too Much Hand Sanitizer?

Although you may have heard that using hand sanitizer too often can weaken your immune system, the science does not back up this rumor. The only proven negative effect caused by using hand sanitizer too often is irritation from dry skin. Therefore, it is important to keep your hands moisturized when washing or sanitizing your hands frequently.

What is a Dollop Anyway?

We recommend applying a dollop of hand sanitizer to the palm of your hand, but what exactly is a dollop? Well, it is not an exact amount. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a dollop as "a small lump, portion, or amount." Therefore, our definition is a small amount of hand sanitizer that will thoroughly cover all the surfaces of your hands.

What is the Most Effective Percentage of Alcohol?

Most hand sanitizers contain some kind of alcohol. This is what kills those pesky germs we all despise. Alcohol has been used as a disinfectant for centuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend using a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.

How Long Should I Rub Hand Sanitizer On?

You have the perfect size dollop. Great! Now make sure to rub your hands together covering all surfaces. Continue to rub until your hands feel dry, this should take around 20 seconds Rub hand sanitizer into your skin until dry, usually around 20 seconds. Be mindful not to wipe or rinse off any of the product! Let’s keep those germs away.

What Happens if a Person Swallows Hand Sanitizer?

Ethanol-based hand sanitizers should be used as directed. As the CDC states, if a person swallows more than a couple of mouthfuls of hand sanitizer, it can cause alcohol poisoning. Therefore, it is especially important to keep hand sanitizer out of the reach of children.

What Happens if a Pet Swallows Hand Sanitizer?

If your pet ingests ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizers, it can cause alcohol poisoning. So contact your vet immediately if you discover your pet swallowed hand sanitizer.

Where Should Hand Sanitizer Be Stored?

Make sure to keep your hand sanitizer stored in a cool place. It should not be stored above 105℉. We don’t recommend leaving it in your car during the summer months.

What is the Risk of Using Sanitizer that Contains Methanol?

The FDA has warned consumers about the effects of methanol, also known as wood alcohol. Methanol is dangerous and toxic and can cause serious side effects when absorbed through the skin. Make sure to check out the FDA’s list of products that contain Methanol so you know which ones to avoid. Or just stick with Green Goo!

If you have additional questions about hand sanitizer, please let us know! We at Green Goo know that this is a scary time to navigate. We are dedicated to keeping you informed. Make sure to read the labels of any products you are considering and stay informed. If you’re still curious, there are a few more blogs on the site about hand sanitizer’s history, ingredients to avoid, and more! Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on blog posts, hand sanitizer specials, and even more deals! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for all of the latest information and updates.

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