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Plants For Your Pits Herbal Deodorant

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Warm in armpits for a few seconds, if necessary. Apply two to three swipes to underarms.

Our deodorants are all-natural, which means you may need to reapply them throughout the day. Clean pits will also help keep odor down. It may be a learning process as you transition to chemical-free deodorants, but we think it's well worth the work. As a bonus, you'll enjoy healthier skin.

• Helps Eliminate Body Odor •

Plants With Purpose

Bergamot & Lavender are calming + stimulating
Cardamom is revitalizing + enhancing
Cedarwood is stimulating + balancing
Clary Sage is grounding + balancing
Ginger is invigorating + stimulating
Grapefruit is stimulating + enhancing
Patchouli is cooling + soothing

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