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Despite our best attempts, we rarely make it through life unscathed. Illness and injuries, for example, are regular occurrences we deal with, like gas prices or morning traffic. Even living a toxic-free or healthy lifestyle doesn’t grant us immunity. For some injuries (like trauma), western medicine has allowed for more accessible treatment options. We’re certainly grateful for its modern advancements.

Natural Remedies For Cuts

But what about the times when injuries are not life threatening? Making a trip to grab over-the-counter medications might be your first choice. But is it always safe? We often don’t consider the side effects that come with most pain medicines and first-aid treatments, many of which obstruct our body’s natural ability to deal with discomfort and symptoms of a minor injury. Natural remedies, as an alternative option, are something to consider. Green Goo is discussing the benefits of homeopathic ointment for wounds and first aid below.

Human Body’s Ability to Self-Heal

The human body possesses an enormous, astonishing, and persistent capacity to self-heal.

While we definitely want to chat about homeopathic, or natural ingredients, used as a first-aid, we have to give some credit to the ultimate healer. Yes, we’re talking about the human body. In fact, we are designed to fight off infections, diseases, and even superficial wounds.

This can get quite scientific, and while we celebrate cell regeneration and immune system functionality, we’ll keep this portion simple. If you think of an ordinary papercut, you can probably picture what happens soon after bleeding. Underneath the skin's surface, our body fights off bacteria by producing additional white blood cells. Simultaneously, our blood begins to clot in order to keep us from bleeding out. This happens naturally.

The same can be said for most minor ailments and injuries whether headaches, rashes, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, bites, or others. While it’s not instantaneous, our bodies are fully equipped to fight off the damage that everyday life throws our way. Shout out to your vessel; it’s doing some hard work.

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Homeopathic treatments

Alternative medicine practices are now, more than ever, integrated with western medicine. In fact, a third of Americans say they use some form of alternative medicine.

It wouldn’t be wrong, for example, to say that there’s a growing trend supporting healthy dieting, active lifestyle, and herbal treatments used in preventive care. Natural remedies are also a booming industry commonly associated with treating colds, illnesses, and even injury without the damaging side effects of their over-the-counter counterparts. So what’s the deal with these types of treatments? First, they’re usually referred to as homeopathy or homeopathic aids.

Homeopathy is the recognized practice of allowing the body to heal itself. In our above example, a papercut would run its course through its natural process wherein our body does the hard labor, as it was designed. Homeopathic medicine utilizes natural ingredients like herbs, botanicals, and vitamins as a means to support, or even stimulate, this healing process. The practice is certainly becoming more mainstream.

Whether or not its proven is a widely debated subject, one we’ll leave you to decipher. Instead, we’ll give you some of the most well-known natural ingredients that are commonly found in these types of holistic first-aid ointments.

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Natural Remedies for Cuts

If you’re living an active lifestyle, you’re probably more susceptible to annoying cuts, scrapes, bruises, bug bites, and even sunburns. As a disclaimer, if a wound is more serious, it’s always important to consult with your doctor first. Don’t ignore painful symptoms or extreme bleeding. However, if it’s a regular trip and fall, or a minor abrasion, there might be a healthier, more natural option to treat it.

Homeopathic ointment for wounds and first-aid usually works better than traditional, OTC brands. In specific, natural remedies for cuts are made with ingredients known to help boost your body’s ability to kick butt and repair surface wounds. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Calendula
  • Olive oil
  • Sage
  • St. John’s wort
  • Sunflower oil

Calendula - more commonly known for its flower, the marigold, calendula is one of the most widely used organic ingredients for topical first-aids. It’s shown to clean out scrapes and cuts and can also help in aiding the overall healing process.

Olive Oil - this widely used culinary oil can also be used for dressing minor wounds. In fact, its vitamins and nutrients help restore skin functionality.

Sage - sage has one of the longest historical uses for culinary and medicinal applications. In ancient times, it was said to have stopped bleeding and sped up healing time for surface wounds.

St. John’s wort - a vigorous and low maintenance perennial, St. John’s wort is a common herb. Used topically, it’s believed to reduce wound closure time.

Sunflower Oil - due to its oleic acid and vitamin E content, sunflower oil is thought to be beneficial for wound care.

The things you likely care about most when you get hurt are pain management and quick healing. The above ingredients address these concerns in some capacity. It’s definitely worth a try.

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Discovering Natural Remedies

Regardless of your belief system, whether in western medicine or natural alternatives, homeopathic ointments for wounds, like Green Goo’s First Aid ointment, are designed for the body. We are true believers in living, breathing, and being human — even when it means embracing a stubbed toe, or a not-so-graceful fall. We hold true to the idea that western and alternative treatments can coexist, as they are not mutually exclusive options.

Interested in learning about our homeopathic ointment for wounds?

Green Goo’s First Aid

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Made from organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic plantain, organic chickweed, organic yarrow, organic sage, organic calendula, organic St. John’s wort, and many others, this ointment is great to store in your everyday bag. Its power-packed homeopathic formula helps aid the body’s own healing abilities. It can also, remarkably, replace over 20 traditionally used first-aid items. This amazing first aid ointment treats cuts, scrapes, blisters, sunburns, poison ivy, and cracked hands & feet.

Check out our First Aid salve. From bug bites to cuts and other skin irritations, our potent formulation is there for you. It's also the original Green Goo.

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