Natural Tattoo Aftercare Made Easy

Original article was published on Green Goo's Blogger site on March 25, 2018.

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that 36% of Americans aged 18-25 have at least one tattoo. Google reports that there are nearly 150 million tattoo-related searches each month. And US News & World Report recently listed the tattoo industry as the sixth-fastest-growing retail business opportunity in the country.

This recent explosion in the popularity of tattoos may lead many to believe that this art form is a sudden cultural phenomenon. However, tattooing has actually been part of cultures and rituals since the beginning of human history, as recently proven with the discovery of mummified and tattooed remains of a prehistoric human in the Oztal Alps (near the border of Austria and Italy).

As more and more Americans search for the top-rated parlors in their areas and scour images for the perfect design, they should also be researching the best tattoo care and aftercare methods. According to Authority Tattoo, aftercare is by far the most important aspect of the tattoo journey -- vital to ensuring that ink continues to look fresh and crisp and maintains its radiant color for decades to come.

A few important points to keep in mind after getting inked include:

  1. Keep bandages overnight. A bandage protects the new tattoo and area around it; its protection allows the tattoo to start the natural healing process. Skin is most sensitive in the 24-hour period following the tattooing procedure and it is important to prevent exposure to sun, dust, oils, and other agents.
  2. Keep it clean. After the initial bandage is removed, wash the area once or twice each day -- especially before going to bed -- with a mild natural cleanser. It is important that the soap not contain dyes, scents, or chemicals which may hinder natural healing.
  3. Do not scratch. The tattoo will eventually flake, peel, and itch but it is imperative that the area not be scratched or picked. Doing so will not only cause tremendous pain and stall healing of the tattoo and area but can also begin to deteriorate the tattoo’s hold.
  4. Protect it. Application of natural tattoo lotion is essential after the first two weeks -- when the tattoo is sufficiently healed. The skin must be nourished and moisturized and, again, kept from any lotion containing dyes and chemicals (particularly all petroleum-based ingredients). Products with these additives can actually do more harm than good and prevent skin from getting the air and light it needs to flourish.

Green Goo’s 100% Natural Tattoo Care is specifically formulated to moisturize and nourish freshly-tattooed skin, soothing the pain and inflammation that follow getting inked. It helps fight scabbing, infections, and fading to maintain each tattoo’s luster, beauty, and perfection for many years to come.

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