The benefits of natural toothpaste.

If you’ve found your way to this page, then you’ve probably already wondered, “Do natural toothpastes work?” The short answer is yes, but we’re going to walk through some of the benefits of switching to a plant-based toothpaste. We’ll also touch on a couple of the ingredients we use and why and take a look at a few things you might want to look out for the next time you’re shopping for oral hygiene products.

It’s the chemicals.

Your mouth is an efficient machine. It begins breaking down and absorbing the food, beverages, and, yes, toothpaste that you put into it almost instantaneously. With that in mind, we're pretty surprised by the number of toxins and harsh chemicals found in most oral hygiene products. Especially when there is a botanical alternative in almost every case. When you add the fact that most of the work of teeth cleaning is actually done by the toothbrush and not the toothpaste, it just doesn’t make much sense to us to use a product that burns your mouth or contains ingredients that, at worst, may be harmful and, at best, are completely unnecessary.

If you have kids, we think a natural alternative is even more important. Add everything we said above to a developing body and the choice seems obvious. We know our little ones are still swallowing more toothpaste than they’re spitting into the sink. We also know that a lot of the options out there include artificial sweeteners. That’s why we choose natural for our kids.

Green Goo’s Peppermint Toothpaste contains simple, pure, plant-based ingredients that not only help keep your teeth bright and clean, but also soothe and nourish your gums and freshen your breath. For instance:

  • You might have noticed Calendula is one of our favorite plants. So we brought its many super powers to our toothpaste. It’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins so it’s perfect to nourish your mouth and improve your oral health.
  • Aloe Vera brings its cleansing and soothing properties to our toothpaste. Healthline has a big article on the many benefits of aloe. You can find that here. Aloe continues to surprise us with its many applications and abilities.
  • Peppermint Oil is another botanical ingredient with multiple super powers. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals for better overall oral health. It's well known for its ability to freshen breath. It naturally counteracts acidity in your mouth and it cleanses too. NDTV has more on peppermint and oral health here.

But maybe just as important as what it is in our toothpaste is what isn’t.

  • There’s no Propylene Glycol. It’s a solvent that’s also an active component in antifreeze. It’s been linked to several health issues including cancer.
  • We didn’t add fluoride to our toothpaste either. Fluoride has been connected to immune suppression, among other things, and although we understand there are some strong opinions on both sides, we just didn’t feel like adding it to our product was the right choice.
  • Our product doesn’t include Triclosan. It’s generally a cleanser that may help fight plaque, but may also have toxic side effects like impaired muscle function.
  • There are other sneaky ingredients out there - preservatives like parabens and artificial sweeteners. You can find a more complete list of ingredients to steer clear of here. We definitely suggest giving it a look before you buy your next tube of toothpaste.

So there you have it. An all-natural toothpaste can do anything a traditional toothpaste can do and it can nourish, soothe, balance acidity, and promote better overall oral health through the mindful use of sophisticated botanical ingredients. It does all of this without relying on outdated or dangerous ingredients. All things considered, plant-based toothpaste may be a great next step towards a more non-toxic lifestyle.

Our all-natural peppermint toothpaste helps soothe gums, freshen breath, and reduce plaque build-up. It tastes great, keeps your teeth bright and clean, and regular use promotes good oral hygiene.

Did you know - our tubes are made from sugarcane and they’re BPA free? They’re 100% recyclable, ISO certified, and FDA approved. Not only that, but sugarcane is sustainable, renewable, and absorbs greenhouse gases, while conventional petroleum-based packaging is not and does not. Green Goo is proud of this choice and continues to seek out ways to #SpreadGoodness in everything we do.

That’s our spiel. What do you think? Is there a natural toothpaste ingredient you swear by? Let us know in the comments or find us on social media and keep the conversation going.

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