4 Meal Planning Tips for Parents Working from Home

Taking care of your family while also working from home is certainly no simple task. With so much on your plate, you want to make sure that you're taking every opportunity to make things easier on yourself.

Meal planning can be a great way to help the days feel a little less chaotic. Here are some meal planning tips for parents to help relieve some of that unwanted stress.

Get the Kids Involved

Make meal prep an activity for the whole family. Safety comes first, so of course you want to be mindful about which tools your kids are using in the kitchen, but there are plenty of ways they can get involved. Rinsing fruits and vegetables, stirring mixtures, cracking eggs, and filling up Tupperware are just a few of the kitchen tasks that kids can do.

Get creative with it! For instance, you can pre-chop vegetables and let the kids build their own colorful rainbow bowls. It's a win-win: you've kept the kids entertained, and you have tomorrow's lunchtime covered.

    Make the Most Out of Your Oven

    Ovens are a great tool for busy parents. You can just pop a dish in and leave it alone while you take care of other tasks. Plus, there are tons of oven-made dishes that you can prepare hours or even days ahead of time. For example, you can make a baked oatmeal or a delicious casserole to easily feed the whole family.

    Write It Out

    It may sound simple, but actually writing out what the plan is ahead of time can make all the difference. Give yourself one less thing to have to try to remember. Plus, you'll find that when you write down your plan, it's easier to calculate which ingredients you're using and what you may need to get from the grocery store. You can even use a fun calendar to help you keep track.

    Plan for Clean-Up Too

    You absolutely want to make sure that cleaning up after mealtime is as easy as possible. Plan a system, factor it into your schedule, and make sure you have everything you need out and ready-to-go. Our multi-purpose Castile soaps can handle everything from sticky fingers to dirty dishes—which makes it a great product to have on-hand.

    For us, maintaining a health work/life balance is an ongoing struggle. Brining he family together to make and share delicious and nutritious meals is so essential not only for our health, but for the happiness of the group. Whatever we can do to keep this tradition going, is worth it.

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